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The Role of Color in Branding (Infographic)…

The power of color is often underestimated by consumers. But marketers spend a lot of time thinking about this important element.

In fact, color is one of the biggest factors that marketers and designers take into account when creating a logo. Perception of color can change based on a person’s age, gender, personality, income and other factors, which means marketers must understand who their target audience is and how they wish the brand to be perceived.

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A brand’s logo has the ability to drive purchasing decisions and increase its recognition. Color even triggers certain emotions in people. Red has been seen to trigger stimulation and appetite, as well as grab attention — that’s why brands such as Frito Lay, Coca-Cola and Budweiser utilize the bright color. Blue creates a sense of trust and reliability — seen in logos such as Facebook, CitiBank and Samsung.

To learn more about the psychology of color in marketing, check out Market Inspector’s infographic “The Role of Color in Branding” below.

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