What you must know about USB 3.0?????

USB 3.0 (Universal Serial Bus) is
the latest standard developed for data exchange between the electronic gadgets
like computers, External drives, Digital video camera etc. It offers better
power management, Super speed data transmission as well as powering electronic

‘USB 3.0’ is one of the most discussed
issues among the geeks. All of them are speculating to be it like a magic wand
which will transmit bulk of data in the in a fraction of second. USB 3.0 is
supposed to be one of the pioneering developments in the field of data
transmission technology.  So in this
article I will let you know about what a common user must know about USB 3.0

Construction of
USB 3.0:
It is good to know that connector
of USB 3.0 is still compatible with older version. But this time USB 3.0
connecting cable is thicker as compare to the previous version. When it is
spliced it contains 10 wires with a braided outer shield. As the previous
version two wires for power supply, unshielded twisted pair and two shielded
differential pair. Single Shielded differential pair contains three wires; two
wires are used for maintaining Super Speed data transfer between the concerned
devices and the third wire is responsible for regulating power supply. The two
wires are used for power supply and ground. The two shielded differential wires
are used for regulating simultaneous bi-directional data communication between
the devices.   

Features of USB

Super Speed: USB 3.0 is also known as Super
speed USB. It is expected to deliver speed of 5 G bits/sec but on the ground it
only reaches speed up to 3.0 to 4.5 G bits/sec.  

Full Duplex Communication: USB 3.0 allows user to read and
write at the same between the concerned devices with the promised speed. The two
Shielded differential pair wires are placed parallel rather than adjacent
position as in previous version.   

 Apart from data transmission now day’s people
use to charge their gadgets like mobiles, Mp3 player etc through USB. These USB
ports also carries more power 100- 900 mAHealth Fitness Articles, thus capable of charging devices
like Digital video camera.

3.0 offers better power management using efficient interrupt driven mechanism
for monitoring the current status of the concerned device connected through it.
In USB 2.0 polling method is used in which all devices connected through USB
are monitored in round robin fashion. When device is ready for executing data
transmission than an interrupt signal is sent and in response transmission
process is triggered by the CPU.


How to add USB 3.0
in older USB 2.0 compatible laptop and Computer:

laptop users if they have Express Card slot then with the help of additional
Express Card to USB 3.0 adapter they can add USB 3.0 to their laptop.

Desktop users they can use PCIe expansion card to add USB 3.0 compatible
devices with the PCIe cards.

By using the above methods you
can achieve data transmission between the concerned devices but these methods
derive power from USB 2.0 ports which is not sufficient for charging additional
electronic gadgets or powering external passport drives. For supplying
additional power you can use the following methods:

3.0 adapters can be connected with the help of additional cable to USB 2.0 port
which can draw more powers and fulfill the need of charging mobile or powering
external hard drives.

is recommended to use the PCIe expansion cards with extra socket for additional
power supply.   

If you are planning to buy a new
computer setup or upgrading your existing computer setup then you must go for
USB 3.0 compatible peripheral devices. With them you can execute data
transmission at a lightening fast speed. If you want any suggestion for new
computer components or advice for implementing above mentioned methods then you
can contact 1-855-352-1816.They also suggest you how to utilize the computer maintenance tools for getting
optimum performance. 

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Checkout Latest Tablets with Advanced Features

A wide range of
latest tablets is available in the market today carrying a lot of exciting
features for the users. Let us throw light on the features of some latest

A tablet is indeed
an essential commodity these days. It is a mobile computer that is majorly
operated just by a touch of the screen.  Starting
from a school student, college student, businessmen to housewives, all prefer
to use these gadgets today either for some important work or entertainment
purpose. This increasing use and demand has led a number of suppliers to offer
advanced models in the market. Some of the latest models along with their
features are mentioned below:


 Sony Tablet S SGPT122

This advanced gadget from Sony comprises of almost all necessary features
a user requires. Its portable and lightweight nature makes it easy for a person
to carry it from a place to another. Starting from high quality photography,
personal assistance to social networking, you can enjoy a plethora of features
in just a single gadget. The presence of the innovative Android Honeycomb
operating system supports a plethora of applications for the users. A 9.4″
TruBlack LCD touch panel of the device possesses a resolution of 1280 x 800 and
LED backlight.


As far as the
entertainment is concerned, there are a number of options for the gaming
freaks. This is the first PlayStation Certified tablet providing users high-quality
gaming experience with PlayStation favorites Pinball Heroes and Crash
Bandicoot. Not only this, individuals can also download more classic PS1 and
PSP game titles online. 


VivoTab TF600T
10.1″ Tablet

The VivoTab
TF600T 10.1″ Tablet with Windows RT launched by ASUS is a
flexible touchscreen tablet that supports Windows RT. It supports a 10.1″
Super IPS+ Panel with 178° viewing angles that assists in optimal viewing. On
the other hand, the 600cd/m² brightness offers a clear picture. Presence of a
1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and 2GB of DDR3 RAM helps in lag free operation
and the ability to run Windows RT professionally. The gadget supports a 32GB
flash storage providing users sufficient space for storing a number of files,
documents, music, photographs as well as videos. 


Samsung P3100 Galaxy Tab 2

The Samsung P3100 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is a successor to the Galaxy Tab. The
gadget supports a 7-inch 1024×600 pixels LCD display and the Samsung’s
Plane-to-Line-Switching (PLS) technology that offers a better power efficiency.
Powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor, the gadget carries a plenty of exciting
features for the users to explore.  There
is a 3MP fixed focus camera for taking clear and sharp photos. In addition to
this, a VGA front-facing camera is also there for video chat.


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