Top 5 – Computer Gadgets You Must Have

Top 5 – Computer Gadgets You Must Have

Best deals Under 10$ (upto 90% off) – . Watch Part 2 – . Subscribe now – New videos everyday – There are many futuristic gadgets available today for computers that we don’t know about, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered… Welcome to Qubimaxima, and today we are counting down our picks for the top five computer gadgets that you must have.
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Hub+ —-
Sliden’joy —-
Odin —
Zcan —-
Leap Motion —-
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50 Replies to “Top 5 – Computer Gadgets You Must Have”

  1. the Odin is basically a laser trackpad and trackpads are slow and weird oh and also saw some reviews for the Odin its not that accurate

  2. The "Soundtrack" you used on this made the video unwatchable. Blasting sounds that don’t come even close to matching the video…

  3. wow! I thought it was just my age until I started reading everyone else’s comments. The last gadget was somewhat cool. It reminded me of a movie I seen a while back, but certainly not a gadget I must have. Not a one was for that mater. Thumbs down folks. Back to the sifi boards.

  4. The first 4 of the 5 shown products are complete BULLSHIT ! The last one might be usefull in some settings, but I really doubt that atm it will work as shown here.

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