How To Correctly Repair Damaged & Cracked Car Leather Seats

How To Correctly Repair Damaged & Cracked Car Leather Seats

“How To Clean Car Leather Seats” Video:




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50 Replies to “How To Correctly Repair Damaged & Cracked Car Leather Seats”

  1. Fantastic job – Wish you lived near me – You are to be commended – don`t usually do not comment on Youtube how to videos

  2. Absoluterly stunning results. When I first saw the seat i did not think the final result would be near as good as this. Awsome job!

  3. That tired old adjective – AWESOME. An old school shoe repair guy at Miera’s Shoes, a Grand Rapids MI high end shoe store, told me to never use ANY shoe polishing paste of any kind on a leather car seat. Why I asked? When it gets wet or in high humidity conditions, the paste will prob stain any fabric which rubs against it, and it won’t last. But he frankly admitted that he didn’t know anything about cracked leather car seat repair, per se. This is the answer, obviously. TYVM to both of you and YT. Maybe vinyl is a smart alternative all things considered…

  4. looking to "dye" my leather 1985 911 (944 seats), they are black and have
    scratches and color has worn in spots not fully faded by any means
    …any suggestions on what product to use? Thanks

  5. My Driver Rear seat back on my 03 Accord EXV6 Coupe has some weather damage. It small section it looks like sand paper. I can have Honda Replace just that side but it be $600. I just applyed Meguires Gold Class Leather conditioner. On the rear seats and heads rests. And front seats to help protect and preserve to the leather. Good information video

  6. Will having heated seats have any effect of the finished product? Like if i go on a road trip and the seats are heated for a while will it weaken compound or colors to where it can rub off on clothes?

  7. i have suede seats and i think one of my kids spilled something in the back seat now the stitching has come loose how can i fix that? can i send pictures or what can i do.

  8. The effort that went into this was enormous. No doubt, the labor alone would cost almost as much as a new seat replacement. But for older models, such parts may no longer be available making this repair the only choice.

  9. Amazing job. I really thought those seat were beyond repair and needed a full (expensive) recover. Very well done, totally understating the final result while you were in the process, yet delivering a finish that was amazing in the end. I’m was considering buying a Jag with seats in a similar condition, but the seats had me doubting the cost of repairs. You’ve just convinced me to buy the Jag !

  10. I would not have thought that was repairable. This is what’s called "professional" restoration. That seat looked like it was pulled from the junk yard after 10 years exposed to the full weather. Very good work and demonstation!

  11. Hopefully your site is back up. Excellent video. What chemicals did you use and can you repair a larger area with this method? I have a two inch by 1/2 inch wear on the seat, dark blue in color. It is actually on the upper bolster, right as you enter the car. I can send a picture you if you can help me.

  12. I wonder what leather repair paste is made out of? Is similar to the hide of the Leather. I mean if it gets dirty can it be cleaned and conditioned with something like. Lexol or Meguires?

  13. Hey Guys, it looks as though the Global Smart Repair website is down! I’m not affiliated with them so I don’t have any information to give you as of why, maybe check back again at a later date.

  14. Good job, but i wish you would have done that left top side cracks as well, and painted the upper middle part as well, i think it would have looked even better. Well done though. God bless.

  15. Thank-you so much for such an informative restoration video for leather upholstery. It will help me immensely with my suite restoration project.

  16. That was beautiful work brother. Well done. Love for what you do is an obvious ingredient that helps obtain such excellent results.

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