10 Coolest iPhone Apps – You've Never Heard of!

10 Coolest iPhone Apps – You've Never Heard of!

You will want to check out these iPhone apps!
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Everyone knows about the most popular iPhone apps, but what about cool apps that aren’t as popular? This video goes over newer or lesser known iPhone apps that are still really cool, that you hopefully haven’t heard of before. Most of these are free apps, and many are also available on Android too. These apps include everything from VR to productivity, or just plain cool.

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  1. How does this bozo stay on Youtube? They should have kicked him off a long time ago! How many lies and false crap does Youtube put up with before they get wise? Have you actually ever seen anything this guy (I guess he’s a guy) puts out that really works?

  2. Don’t watch this guys videos. He waste too much time on Pranks and could cause you to actually mess up your device. He thinks he is a clown. And, he is.

  3. 1:28 — as in Bellevue, WA? Does that mean you’re a fellow Seattleite/Pacific Northwesterner, or is that just a coinkydink ?

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